5054 West Avenue M-2
Quartz Hill, Ca 93536
Phone: (661) 943-3639

We proudly recycle more than 90% of our waste in an effort to keep the planet and air clean. We have discontinued the use of solvent based paints, and now use environmentally friendly water based paints. These paints are low on VOC'S and help keep our air clean.
At Westside Body and Paint, we have been locally owned and operated by the Neis family since 1978. Customer satisfaction is, and always will be our primary goal. To this end, we constantly strive toward improving our service to you in every way. Our auto body repair and refurbishing technicians are not only continually being re-equipped with the latest tools of their trade, but are also updated on all the latest body repair and refinishing techniques by attending training seminars conducted by I-CAR and ASE. In this fast paced world, working with insurance companies can be time consuming and frustrating. That will never be the case with Westside Body and Paint. Bring your vehicle (all vehicle models, Recreational Vehicles-RV & Motorhomes) to us and we will take care of the rest. Needless to say, our base of loyal customers continues to grow to this day. That may be the very reason you're visiting our site today. We invite you to allow us the privilege of serving you, you and your car will be glad you did!
Westside Body and Paint is always working to keep our technicians up to date with the newest repair processes and equipment. Our technicians are undergoing ongoing training to ensure that they have the skills to repair even the most high tech modern vehicles.